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icons and a couple other graphics
zekesmom42 wrote in elysian_designs
Finally, some new stuff! Here's some Republican/conservative icons and fall/Halloween stock icons. There's also a few bigger banners in there too. :)

Just a few rules:
- Please credit zekesmom42 or elysian_designs.
- Comments are always appreciated! :)
- Pictures aren't mine. I found them on google image search, T-Shirt Hub and
- If you like what you see, please join or friend the community! :)

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taking "nut job" -- LOVE the Superman Wonderwoman banner. Nice work!

Thanks, glad you like! :)

The head on the T:TSCC needs a little work, but clever idea!

I didn't make it, I just found it online. But yeah, it's a little off. I think they should have made a series of them as different superheroes. :)

LOL!! Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder.

haha, that's one of my faves :D

I love the autumn icons! And the superman/wonderwoman McCain/Palin is hilarious

Taking a few icons, but I'll be sure to credit! :D

Thanks, glad you like them! :)

I snagged a couple of the fall icons.
These are all really gorgeous though!

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