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Welcome to Elysian Designs, my personal graphics community! Please see the sidebar for all pertinent information and links. :)

a long overdue post!
ezekiel - aug 07
Lots of different types of icons and a few banners/headers! It's been FOREVER since I made graphics! Note: Some of the BSG graphics are from some of the latest episodes, just FYI.

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ezekiel - aug 07
Hi all! I changed my username and am hoping to get back to posting icons every once in a blue moon! ;) Also, I needed to make a new resource post.

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rather random icon assortment!
Here are a rather odd bunch of icons - odd in that they don't go together! :) Edit: Forgot the previews, so I just added them.

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Text Icons Offer
Since getting a new copy of Paintshop (Yay!) I've been working on graphics a lot more. So I'm going to be offering several requests in the next couple days. The first are text icons like these:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Please do not take examples - they belong to me and vegassunshine.

Note: Those are all baby-related but yours do you not have to be. They can have anything on them!

So please fill out the form below and number yourselves off in the subject line. I'll take 10 requests.

Colors You Would Like:
Would you like it tagged with your username:

icons and a couple other graphics
Finally, some new stuff! Here's some Republican/conservative icons and fall/Halloween stock icons. There's also a few bigger banners in there too. :)

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icons and a few banners

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18 icons

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32 icons!
Since I have several pregnant friends, I've made a bunch of different pregnancy icons! (There's also some of Helena Bonham-Carter thrown in there too.) I have all the bases saved so if you'd like a different text on one of the icons, just leave a comment. Anyway, onto the icons!

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Check out the Icon Truth Meme. I'd love to hear comments, suggestions, etc.

Also, I updated my icharacter/number six post with more icons.

I'm working on some new icons - stock, The Office, Sweeney Todd...and more! I'll be posting them soon! :)


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